• Direct factory prices

    We offer you the best prices directly from our trusted manufacturers in China.With us, no more intermediary costs.

  • Quality control “One-by-One”

    ROYI is committed to provide with you the best quality on each merchandise. That’s why we check your products one by one, during and after the production process. Really.

  • Creation / Design service

    We offer a design service along, made up of experienced graphic designers ready to assist you and adapt your layouts.

  • Small quantity production

    We offer lower production numbers at prices you can afford.

  • Promotional products and more

    With our expertise in sourcing and quality control, we can help you access all kind of products, not only promotional ones.

  • UP-21
  • YDDY-23
  • KPQ-29
  • TYM-20
  • JRGJ-19
  • SB-37
  • LLTS-13
  • HZ-11
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